• High level gray, black and brown with advanced texture-- countertop needs this style
    High level gray, black and brown with advanced texture-- countertop needs this style

    2018-06-15 09:50:33


    Advanced grey, advanced black and advanced brown, A simple and deep tone among bright colors. They are the darling of the fashion world. They are the preferred colors for designers to create high-end elegant homes. Regardless of the space in which the countertop is applied, They will render incomparable style, Unleash the eclectic charm. Gelandy Matt & leather Quartz Stone, boldly through a series of "advanced gray, advanced black, advanced brown", enhance the texture of the experience, and simple appearance highlights the light and extravagant connotation of the countertop. 1.Advanced Gray + Matt Quartz Stone The advanced gray vision tends to be more calm and natural. It emotionally gives people a stable power. The advanced gray on the matt quartz stone, Makes its texture more prominent, Exudes more extreme charm, Really fascinating. 2.Advanced black + Leather quartz stone Black can easily match all colors. This has become a long-standing law. Leather quartz stone with high grade black, Improve product texture by rendering each other. There is more layering between the bumps and a rough industrial style. Applying to the countertop, the sense of luxury desires to feel out! 3.Advanced Brown + Matt Quartz Stone Advanced Brown inherits the unique atmosphere of nature. It Gives a soft and friendly and warmer feeling. When advanced brown meets unexpectedly with matt quartz, Its low-key, restrained temperament, Show more vividly on the countertop. Natural but not unexpected, atmospheric and not high profile. Gelandy matt & leather quartz stone A steady colorless system, seamless texture, Gelandy advanced matt and leather finish quartz stone provides the most comfortable visual appearance, with a sensation of skin-like comfort. For details, please visit the official website.

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  • Low profile luxury,Gelandy make your countertop more textured
    Low profile luxury,Gelandy make your countertop more textured

    2018-06-14 16:04:29


    In modern time,,people’s demands for quality of life are constantly improving,except the increasing trend of quality consumption ,people’s consumption concept also requires products to satisfy the enjoyment of visual and tactile.And this kind of visual or tactile enjoyment can be called texture.So that in order to meet the needs of customers,Gelandy through leather finish and matt surface treatment process to bring diferent texture to the products,the overall space application is more tasty and have a distinctive flavour.   Matt finish quartz stone Matt finish quartz stone have the sensation of skin ,smooth and delicate. With its soft luster ,it is not abrupt in space ,slightly bright ,comfortable and pleasant.it also reduces the secondary pollution of space light sources and better protect the eyes.it is a good choice to be book desktop,conference desktop,tea tabletop and tabletop. Matt finish quartz stone provides a high quality ,textured appearance through its soft matt feel ,making the entire space more visible texture ,low-key connotation.with the soft light ,it can create a warm,comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Leather finish quartz stone Leather finish quartz stone feels mostly like a rough sand texture,and concave-convex granular surface ,like the traces left by the droplets of water dripping on the stone over years,seems to be wild but be delicate on the touch.It brings the texture of the industrial wind to the space and adds a sense of time to the space ,extending the visual experience of people. Provide different appearance and touch of leather finish quartz stone ,the excellent performance of the quartz stone has not been changed.and it is less likely to reveal post-touch fingerprints. More information about Matt and leather  finish quartz stone, please search key words

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  • Gelandy firmly persists in the path to a quality-conscious brand
    Gelandy firmly persists in the path to a quality-conscious brand

    2018-05-31 09:59:58


    In the past 2017, "Quality First" and "Quality Power" were included in the Party's Nineteenth Congress report at the same time, which fully demonstrated the Party's great attention to quality work. At the same time, the report of the 19th National Congress has pointed out that to achieve the improvement of China's overall quality, it is necessary to rely on the increased investment by all enterprises and institutions to strengthen the quality of the "hardware" construction, but also to strengthen the government's "software" construction, and encourage the whole society to advocating Craftsmanship, and establish brand awareness, and advocate the pursuit of excellence in quality culture. The year 2018 is a new year for the full implementation of the spirit of the 19th National Congress and it is also the 40th anniversary of this major historical event of reform and opening up. Therefore, Huadu District Quality Supervision Bureau carried out quality and brand work and conducted interviews with outstanding quality workers and reform pioneers in the region, among which the interviewed companies included Gelandy. Adhering to the concept of high quality products As we all know, good product quality will form a good reputation and bring more economic benefits. Therefore, Gelandy's every process from raw materials to the production line is based on standard production, strict control, continuous testing and continuous improvement , so as to fundamentally ensure product quality. Gelandy carefully selects high-quality resins, quartz sand, and additives from the raw materials, and does not falsify or adulterate. In the production process, every production process is strictly enforced in accordance with the standards, the spirit of craftsmanship is pursued, and the management and control are kept in perfection in order to achieve the product quality objectives that our customers expect. Adhere to the brand development strategy In the past 18 years, Gelandy has always adhered to the mission of “being a reliable countertop supplier in China” and persisted in the brand development strategy. It has won a monument after the brand building. At the same time being able to participate in the editing of the nine national standards, which is a kind of recognition and support for Gelandy. In the future, Gelandy will shoulder greater responsibility and mission. In the future development of the company, Gelandy will continue to unswervingly take the road of quality brand, continue to adhere to technological innovation, improve the supporting service system, enhance product quality and brand added value, and to be a good countertop supplier in China, and provide more valuable products and services, so that more families can use Gelandy's good countertops and Gelandy can contribute  to people's good life.

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  • Gelandy's second production base, Heyuan factory laid a foundation to upgrade production capacity!
    Gelandy's second production base, Heyuan factory laid a foundation to upgrade production capacity!

    2018-05-25 08:51:31


    Today Gelandy's second production base- Heyuan factory laid a foundation. After its foundation, Heyuan factory will run together with Qingyuan factory, which means a high upgrade of production capcity. As the second production base of Gelandy, Heyuan factory will show us the latest industry equipment, process technology and more new products. Heyuan has an advantage with high-quality quartz sand mineral resources. Meanwhile, as the key construction project of Heyuan City, Heyuan production base has got strong support from the local government. Let us look forward to the future and start a new expedition!     At the foundation ceremony, Mr. Tian Yu, chairman of Guangzhou Gelandy New Material Co., Ltd., the Party group members of the county government and the director of the Industrial Park Administrative Committee earthed up together for the foundation of this project.   Gelandy Heyuan Longchuan production base is the second base after the Qingyuan factory. It can not only expand production capacity, but also bring the most advanced technology and products into Longchuan, realizing the transformation from manufacturing to quality making until to intelligent making, and striving to become the national industry benchmark. Gelandy's Heyuan Longchuan production base construction is planned to be divided into three stages, which will eventually reach the investment scale of 1 billion. The first stage will be completed within the year, and the overall three stages will be completed within three years.   Longchuan Industrial Park said that Gelandy's Longchuan production base is a microcosm of Long Chuan high quality development around the industrial park's goal of "double hundred". Since established, Gelandy has gradually grown up with  adherence to the concept of high quality products and integrity base. So many thanks for the support and assistance of Longchuan County Party Committee and County Government. Gelandy's two major production bases in Heyuan and Qingyuan will provide more high-quality products and services to our customers and consumers.

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  • Daily maintenance of Solid Surface Countertop
    Daily maintenance of Solid Surface Countertop

    2018-05-24 10:43:26


    Solid surface is rich in color, solid, non-toxic and non radiation, with fire resistance, anti permeability, anti-bacterial mildew proof, impact resistance, easy maintenance, seamless stitching, rich modeling and other advantages, more and more used in kitchen table and other indoor decoration. In order to maintain the beauty of the Solid Surface countertop and extend the service life of the table, we need to pay attention to the maintenance of the Solid Surface countertop. 1、To keep the Solid Surface countertop bright and clean as new, please clean the stains in time. Usually, the Solid Surface countertop is easy to clean with water. You recommended to wash it once a day. And try to keep the table dry when you don't use it. 2、Clean with water and wipe with a dry cloth when the Solid Surface countertop is dirty. Please DO NOT wash it with clean balls to avoid get scratches. 3、Avoid surface contact with strong alkali strong acid and strong chemical, as its will destroy the surface or make the table surface Whitening. If contact with the above items carelessly, use a lot of soapy water to rinse the surface immediately. If surface have nail polish, use a acetone free detergent (e.g.: tin water, alcohol) and then wash it with water. 4、If there are rubber, nail polish, paint and other sticky material that are difficult to clear on the table, it can be wiper gently with the knife when necessary. Please control the strength and avoid the damage of the solid surface table. 5、Please avoid the impact of a strong external force on the table without thickening and strengthening. If you cut the bone on the top, or suffer a great impact, it may damage your countertop. Especially to avoid placing heavy objects at the jointed place. 6、The heat source should not be placed directly on the table, and the surface can not be directly placed on the goods with too high temperature. Such as the hot pot taken down from the stove or oven, the microwave oven, may bring damage or even crack to the surface of the solid surface, and it is suggested that the heat insulation pad should be used. 7、Prevent cutting tools or tools from the top of the table; do not use solid surface table as cutting plate , although the Solid surface table is solid and durable, but this will leave unbeautiful scratches. 8、Scratch, burning mark how to do: first use coarse sand paper to scratch (if it is slight scratch, do not use coarse sand paper, can be directly used in fine sand paper), and then in order to use 400#, 600#, 1000#, 1200#, 1500# and other sand paper water grinding with jasmine cotton with dry cotton cloth polished.

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  • Look! That is the quartz top I just want!
    Look! That is the quartz top I just want!

    2018-05-14 14:02:12


    What is more persuasive than the eyes? Joy or sorrow, are all in the bright eyes! Who really understands you doesn't need you say anything at all. Only with one glance, he(she) can understand your thoughts! Like"As long as you give me an affirmative glance, my love is meaningful." "Though no words, it is hard to forget.""But they still feel each other's eyes." At that moment the eyes met, the other was identified. So do human beings, and so do things! Perhaps after only a few glances, the feeling of belonging already overflows. Look! Gelandy quartz surface! It is rightly what I want. Experience the beauty of "blank"home and taste the realm of "emptiness" Refined new Chinese style of life Gelandy, China good top surface. The quartz top what I want The reason for selecting Gelandy quartz top is the wide selection of space for different decorative home styles. The quartz stone top is not only comfortable, but also has the characteristics of anti-scratch, anti-pollution and glossy finish. The most important thing is it is  very environmentally friendly material. Good quality, green environmental protection Nowadays people pay more attention to green and environmental problems for home products. Although the quartz top has a similar appearance to the marble top, it is greener than the marble table. This is one of the reasons why more and more families choose quartz stone counter tops as their first choice. Gelandy quartz top, with selection of natural quartz crystal mineral, high quality environmental protection resin and pigment as raw material, and purify in the process of production, the raw material contains no heavy metal impurities that may lead to radiation, and can be directly contacted with food passing through American NSF safety certification. At the same time, it has experienced more than 30 processing technologies, which make the surface compact without holes and high glossy, smooth and silky touch, long lasting elegant. Gelandy products has achieved many quality certificates all over the world. It is a high-quality, environmentally friendly and healthy counter top. It is widely used in kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, whole house customization, decoration and other fields. Excellent properties of anti cracking, long effect anti-pollution Generally speaking, quartz stone countertops have the advantages of high surface hardness, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance and good anti pollution ability. On the premise of guaranteeing the original advantages of the quartz stone top, Gelandy has adopted high quality performance modification and unique manufacturing technology to make quartz surface with higher impact resistance, smaller shrinkage stress, greater elongation at break and more outstanding cold and heat shock resistance, and all these properties can keep stable, thoroughly solv...

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