• Come to Gelandy stand at 2018 Xiamen Stone Fair, meet veins marble look quartz stone
    Come to Gelandy stand at 2018 Xiamen Stone Fair, meet veins marble look quartz stone

    2018-03-16 09:43:26


    March 6-9, 2018, the annual stone industry event - the 18th Xiamen International Stone Fair opened in Xiamen. It is also the first exhibition to open in 2018. Many domestic and foreign manufacturers of stone and equipment supplier exhibit at the fair. This year's quartz stone, "veins texture" is still the focus, compared to last year's texture stone, all manufacturers began to develop their own characteristics, each with its advantages. Foreign visitors Visiting customers are endless With the theme of "veins", Gelandy opened up the future and devoted himself to the development and commissioning of a variety of veins texture quartz stone, which was released at this exhibition. Inspired from natural stone, Gelandy veins quartz stone has extremely strict requirement for colour matching. The combination of the main veins and the auxiliary veins on the texture, the color and texture are exquisite, and the layers are distinct. It strives to be the closest to the natural texture features, while at the same time it strives to be easier to apply. Black Calacatta collection White Calacatta collection White Calacatta collection White Calacatta collection The application of veins texture stone is of course not limited to countertops. After clever design and processing, the simple structure can also highlight the uniqueness of the veins texture. Exquisite quartz stone small tray Stylish ripple finish quartz stone countertop & solid surface fruit dish Simple and stylish clock made by solid surface Elegant quartz stone decoration column Gelandy veins quartz stone GSG010 The looming natural pattern, delicate and natural, simple style. Can be used with modern minimalist style, new Chinese style, natural and simple style. Gelandy veins quartz stone GSG004 Clear and natural texture, pure texture and zero impurities, suitable for wall or high class island decoration, to bring the best visual experience to the kitchen table or wall, so that the kitchen and space become more stylish. E-mail:ben.er@126.com TEL:+86-13926207996

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  • Booth NO.A7036,Gelandi is waiting for you at The 18th China Xiamen International Stone Fair
    Booth NO.A7036,Gelandi is waiting for you at The 18th China Xiamen International Stone Fair

    2018-03-02 13:58:54


    WELCOME TO OUR BOOTH NO.A7036 Dear ms/mr: We are exhibiting at the 18th China Xiamen International Stone Fair.You are invited to visit our booth,check out new products and discuss future business opportunity.

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  • How to maintain the quartz stone countertop? This can make your home clean as clean as new
    How to maintain the quartz stone countertop? This can make your home clean as clean as new

    2018-01-30 12:26:32


    How to maintain the quartz countertop? This may be a problem that many friends are more concerned about with. Quartz stone is one of the most popular decoration materials in the decoration market, Its anti - dirty and wear-resistant characteristics are universally recognized by consumers. Although many families have quartz countertop, But many people are not very clear about the way of cleaning and maintaining the table. Although it is more resistant to dirty, but daily maintenance and cleaning up still need to be done, this can prolong the service life of the quartz stone table. Then the next Bosco will take you together to know how to maintain the quartz stone table, and hope to give you a little bit of reference. ▲Bienstone quartz GSG004 1. Scrubbing with washing products How to maintain the quartz countertop ? The most important thing is to use washing supplies for scrubbing. Although it is more resistant to dirty, but oil stains in daily life can't be avoided. After cleaning the surface of the quartz stone countertop, use the home's car wax or furniture wax on the surface of the quartz countertop, wait until it dry then wiping back and forth with dry rag, this is the equivalent of adding a protective film to the quartz countertop. In the process of cleaning, special attention should be paid to the place where the countertop is stitching, once there is a stain, it must be scrubbed in time. 2. Do not place high temperature items Besides cleaning it in time, we should pay attention to some of the daily details. For example, do not put some high temperature objects directly on the quartz countertop, It may cause a certain damage to the surface of the countertop under the effect of high temperature. Do not knock on the quartz table or cut things on it, so that it can easily damage the table. It is necessary to pay attention to these small details. As long as it is noticed, the life of quartz stone can be extended well. 3. keep the quartz countertop dry In daily life, it is unavoidable to produce a lot of water droplets, but for the quartz countertop, it is necessary to keep the countertop dry as far as possible. Because water often contains a lot of bleach and scale, If the water stay on the countertop over a long time, it will lead to the shallower color of the countertop. If you are careness to make it happen, use the cleaning liquid repeatedly on the countertop until the light is bright. ▲Bienstone quartz GSM002 How to maintain the quartz countertop? That's the answer to this question by bosco, In fact, The best way to maintain a quartzite is to pay attention to daily cleanliness and small details. But the most important thing is to select a good quality countertop, Gelandi will be the best choice to you. Top quality, much color to choose, will satifiied all you needs. Good countertop, Choose Gelandi. E-mail:ben.er@126.com Scan QR code,pay close...

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  • The hospital table is more fastidious -- the application of solid surface in Xiangya Hospital in Changde
    The hospital table is more fastidious -- the application of solid surface in Xiangya Hospital in Changde

    2018-01-23 10:23:34


    Hospital places have high requirements for clean and antibacterial, and the hospital table is more fastidious in material selection. The physical properties of solid surface, such as low density, low permeability, no cracks, repairable and refurbishing, make it easier to clean and handle. In this case, the application of solid surface to the antibacterial environment of the hospital is just right. Located in the historical and cultural city Chinese Xiangya School of Xiangya Hospital of Central South University was completed in 2017, it is the focus of the national Ministry of Education College of Central South University, affiliated with the national health and Family Planning Commission governing large-scale comprehensive three level of first-class hospital. Material table in hospital, the use of a large number of solid surface, including the nursing station, guide clinictaiwan, dispensing table etc.. Artificial stone is not only stain resistant, antibacterial, touch and moist, comfortable and colorful, but also flexible. It is used as decoration material to make the environment in the hospital clean, comfortable and relaxed. Nursing station, reception desk bienstone's solid surface is made of high quality aluminum hydroxide. Compared with solid surface made of calcium powder board, it has stronger toughness and heat bending to meet the design requirements of all kinds of special-shaped molding. But the bienstone artificial stone crystal clear, high gloss, pollution resistance is stronger, the more important it is to be the same outside and inside density without holes, so that microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses have no place to hide, this is completely calcium powder plate solid surface can not be compared. Therapeutic room, disposal room Good artificial stone, good processing, good service As the saying goes, saddle is good for horses. We know that good products = good solid surface + good processing + good services. Every grinding, every stitching, every arc bending is made according to the standard process. In addition to quality products,bienstone has a member of the processing alliance throughout the country, providing multi area processing and installation of one-stop services to improve efficiency and reduce time costs. For each project, a special person is in charge of the whole process, and the technical service of the product will be solved in time to ensure the successful completion of the project. Make every product every project with our heart, and provide satisfactory service for every particular customer. bienstone, good table. E-mail:ben.er@126.com Scan QR code,pay close attention to Gelandi/Bienstone WeChat public number

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  • Hello , 2018
    Hello , 2018

    2018-01-23 09:05:25


    Recently, Many people post their 18-year-old photo on We chat, The reason is "the last batch of 90's generation is going to be adult", " 00 generation" is finally on stage! So people post their 18 - year - old photos to commemorate the old days of their youth. What are you doing at the age of 18? Some people say that 18-year-old is working hard for a new journey; some people say that 18-year-old is dreaming. Yes, this is the age of sweat, age of dreams, No one's 18-year-old does not have a great dream。 At this moment, GELANDY is 18 years of youth. With a new dream, he has never slowed the pace of struggle Eighteen, Never forget why you started To create value for customers, providing quality products and services, as always, the sense of responsibility. Produce good countertop, is the initial heart and mission. ▲Gelandi quartz GLD-05 Eighteen,Greater responsibility Keep getting stronger so that can take greater responsibility and go further. Constant improvements, Continuous innovation, New products New technology New equipment New production base, in order to provide customers with more valuable products and services, contribute to a better life for people. Eighteen has more ambitious goals 18-year-old looking forward to future, set a goal for themselves. Just as Wang Jianlin's small target earns a billion, and my goal you do know, of course, is to let more and more families can use Gelandi countertop. 18 has many thing to do Let's make a plan list Focus on one thing Do the best Chinese good countertop, Gelandi 18, meet better myself E-mail:ben.er@126.com Scan QR code,pay close attention to Gelandi WeChat public number

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  • 2017 China housing products industry annual meeting GELANDY won the
    2017 China housing products industry annual meeting GELANDY won the

    2017-11-10 15:13:55


    2017Chinahousing products industry annual meeting GELANDY won the "outstanding contribution enterprise" award 27th to 29th October 2017, 2017 Chinese residential products industry annual conference and kitchen & bathroom engineering committee 10th anniversary celebration was held in JiaxingZhejiangprovince. This celebration was sponsored by China Building Decoration Association, hosted by residential products industry branch, Ruiyan Home Furnishing think-tank, Co sponsored by Wang Dian people'sGovernmentJiaxingZhejiangProvince. Gelandy as a backup force to help improve the human settlement, together with famous domestic enterprises, brand experts and media elites participate in the residential industry ideological feast blend of wisdom. At the annual meeting, the association gave high affirmation to the important contribution made by the Gelandy in the industry, And awarded the "outstanding contribution enterprise" award, Gelandy Chairman Mr. Tian Yu was invited to attend the ceremony, and on behalf of Gelandy accept the organizers awarded the "outstanding contribution enterprise " honorary title. Gelandy Chairman Mr. Tian Yu, (left four) Just today last year, Gelandy won the "kitchen and bathroom supporting enterprise top 10" honorary title Since the beginning of 2007, China Building Decoration Association Kitchen & Bathroom Engineering Committee annual meeting has been held for ten years, and gradually developed into the kitchen & Bathroom industry's most influential annual industry summit. This year, China Building Decoration Association Kitchen & Bathroom Engineering Committee officially renamed the China Building Decoration Association Residential Products Industry Branch, China Building Decoration Association Kitchen & Bathroom Engineering Committee annual meeting also upgraded to Chinese residential products industry conference. Adhering to the tenet of "cooperation for create quality of human settlements", the annual meeting carry out in-depth exchanges and discussions on the TED summit, industry summit dialogue, industry research report release and other sections. With the trend of domestic quality consumption becoming more and more obvious, how to provide better quality consumer products to meet the higher quality needs of consumers has become the goal of every enterprise at this stage. Gelandy has been adhering to the relentless focus on product quality, and put into action, committed to helping domestic enterprises to improve the living environment, create a quality life. We believe that innovation is an important factor to stand out. Therefore we do continuous research and innovation, and achieved remarkable results, for example: stain resistance and anti crack quartz stone, Ayers magic stone which can be colour changed with temperature change, Anti bacterial solid surface and many other new & patented technology. Gelandy participate in draw up 8 industry standard as chief or a key editor, such as "Technical s...

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