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  • Regular FAQ
  • What is the price of Quartz countertops per square metre?

    The price of quartz stone depends on the color, size, and quantity. We offer factory prices to our cooperative customers.Please contact us for a quote.

  • The MOQ of solid surface basins.

    The minimum order quantity for Gelandy solid surface basins is 30 pieces.

  • I would like to know the price of 3600mm by 600mm and 3600mm by 900mm countertop.

    Thank you for your inquiry about our countertops. Gelandy can customize countertops according to your specifications. For export orders, there is a minimum order quantity requirement. For quartz slabs and countertops, the minimum order quantity is 50 pieces.

  • Do you have any factory in Ireland?

    Thank you for your inquiry.Our factory is located in China, but we do export products to Ireland. If you need solid surface and quartz products, please feel free to contact our local customers in Ireland for more information and assistance.

  • I wanna ask about solidsurface top with sink.

    Sure, thank you for your inquiry. Gelandy can provide customized Solid Surface tops with sinks. Please let us know your specific requirements. You can contact us via email, phone, or leave an online message.

  • I want to import Solid Surface sheets. Can I have the best price?

    Gelandy is factory with 24 years innovation in Solid Surface,providing high quality products with good price.

  • Is Gelandy Solid Surface suitable for kitchen and bathroom applications?

    Yes, Solid Surface's moisture resistance, antibacterial properties, and ease of cleaning make it an excellent choice for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities.

  • How does Gelandy Solid Surface differ from quartz stone?

    •Solid Surface offers greater design flexibility and is more easily repairable than quartz stone.
    •Quartz stone is harder and more wear-resistant but less customizable in terms of shape and color.

  • Is Gelandy Solid Surface environmentally friendly?

    Gelandy Solid Surface uses eco-friendly materials and adheres to green building standards. It is non-toxic and safe for indoor environments.

  • What color and texture options does Gelandy Solid Surface offer?

    Gelandy solid Surface provides a wide range of color and texture options, including those that mimic natural stone, metallic finishes, and solid colors to suit different design preferences.

  • Regular FAQ

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