• “Overall Bathroom Era · Customization for Future” -- Real stuff sharing for a whole day; Gelandy empower bathroom customization
    “Overall Bathroom Era · Customization for Future” -- Real stuff sharing for a whole day; Gelandy empower bathroom customization

    2018-08-03 09:47:05


    2018 is called the first year of bathroom customization. The day 26th, July is doomed to be an unforgettable day, as on this day, the “Overall Bathroom Era · Customization for Future- Conference of facilitation movement for bathroom customization” was successfully held, hosted by the interior decoration department and the housing parts industry branch of CBDA (China Building and Decoration Association) and Zhongjie Net, and undertaken by Guangzhou Gelandy New Material Co.,Ltd. Industry experts, leading enterprises of bathroom industry and media elites around the country were invited to participate this activity, seeking for mutual development on bathroom customization. Along with the continuous development of economy, the continuous replacements of social ideology, the younger consumer groups and younger consumer awareness, and also because of the fact that people are seeking for individuation and true self more than before, the newly emerged overall home decor customization and bathroom customization become the hot topics in the present household building materials industry. However, most enterprises still lack the ability and experience of offering customization service, and most enterprises of bathroom customization are still in the exploratory status. What does the future hold for us? I guess most enterprises have got their own answers more or less, after a whole day’s ideas collision. Industry guidance course of the bathroom customization “Overall Bathroom Era·Customization for Future” was officially started in Gelandy experience hall. The first real stuff brought to our guests was ”industry guidance of bathroom customization” presented by three worthy mentors: the previous chief expert of Ring Data, industry research expert -- Tang Ren; the standing director and deputy secretary-general of Tsinghua Alumni Association of Real Estate, previous president of Boloni Hardcover Research Institute –Xu Yonggang; Britain MW Arts Alliance secretary-general, design director of China Fashion & Color Association -- Zhang Xintong. The three mentors brought wonderful sharing to 150 honored guests on site. Leaders of associations and leaders in the fields of manufacture, design and marketing gathered here. 2018 bathroom customization guidance course started, with guests filled up the hall. Tang Ren:  One central point and two basic points; About the bathroom customization under overall home decor trend. Previous chief expert of Ring Data, industry research expert -- Tang Ren One central point: as the rapid development of the internet, the interaction between people and information and between information and information is the key point. In the internet era, consumers’ requirements for products and brands have changed accordingly. Previously consumers consider brands first and then choose products, while nowadays under the influence of the internet, consumers search pro...

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  • How to match the countertop of Chinese and Western style, the most fashionable style at present
    How to match the countertop of Chinese and Western style, the most fashionable style at present

    2018-07-24 10:23:07


    Chinese and Western style, is a fashionable interior decor home style at present, especially on (Guangzhou) CBD Fair On July this year, it was particularly eye-catching.  Chinese brand awareness and design awareness of interior decor home style has been strengthened gradually, Chinese profound traditional culture was widely applied in design concepts, more importantly, with enormous innovation energy, the Chinese elements was deeply loved by designers.  As the consumer groups tend to younger and younger, Chinese consumer pursue individuality, luxury and texture object, have their own understanding to the Chinese traditional culture. The Chinese and Western style, with modernity and unique cultural attributes, capture the consumer’s mental straightforwardly. 2018 CBD Fair (Guangzhou)  ,Chinese and Western style Chinese and Western style is light and bright, simple and not cumbersome, with obvious Chinese and western elements. The Chinese and Western style also has innovations in material applications, not limited to wooden materials, and the application of stone can easily create a new Chinese home style with tactile impression. This year, the new Chinese style has changed a lot on the color applications, more colorful color was blended in, whether to match colorful series or achromatic series, black, white, gray and simple texture are ideally options of countertops. Quartz stone and artificial stone are the best options for customization of color, texture and surface texture. Bienstone Vein stone GSG009 Light Luxury golden match with the smooth and stratified quartz countertops, and the embellishment of the cypress plants makes the space extremely filling with sense of depth and anciently. Bienstone Vein stone Gelandy Vein stone GSG009 Chinese and Western style,  living room is precious with the help of simplify something by cutting out the superfluous, matching with the natural texture quartz stone tea table, the main grain combined with the vice grain like mountains and rivers. The colors and textures are exquisite and delicate, can perfectly complement everywhere of the living room. Bienstone Vein stone GSG008 Elizabeth The brown wood texture match with the exquisite white quartz stone countertop makes it far from old-fashioned; the green leaves and green landscape painting make the space not only expressing the Chinese humanities, the elegance of the emotions, but also speaking out the natural flow and original long standing.

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  • The future development trend of the integral decoration, how should the material supplier do it, how to deal with the home design - listen to what the big shot say.
    The future development trend of the integral decoration, how should the material supplier do it, how to deal with the home design - listen to what the big shot say.

    2018-07-16 17:56:58


    Regardless of how home decoration styles and material applications change, the wave of “customization” is becoming more and more turbulent, and around “customization”, each enterprise is studying how to improve the experience of products and services, how to improve the speed of response. Bienstone's product development starting point is to cater to the needs of the user's experience, whether it is for customers or consumers. Bienstone's upcoming new designs are also based on the idea of “easier to design, match and apply”, and the product features are also designed to enhance the end user’s sense of experience and to run up the road of "customization". On July 10th, Gelandy held a “Born for customization, create what you want” Salon Exchange meeting to discuss how to realize design effect by different material application. The Salon also invited Ms. Hu Yanan, Secretary General of China Architectural Decoration Association Housing Industry Branch, Mr. Tang Ren, Deputy Secretary General of China Architectural Decoration Association Housing Industry Branch, Chief expert of Real Research Think Tank and Mr. Liu Xiaofeng, chief designer and design director of REBON to share with guests the development trend of the customization industry, the current trend of home furnishing and the design and application of materials. The exchange was preluded by Ms. Hu Yanan. Mr. Tang Ren share the development trend of the customization industry. Secretary Hu and Mr. Tang have all mentioned the importance of user experience in the customization industry. Secretary Hu said that the industry is changing with each passing day, and the demand for good products and good services will not change. In the situation of changing industry and consumer behavior, it is especially important for Gelandy dealers to continue providing good services. Mr. Tang mentioned that the home decoration from the past "building materials, furniture" to the current "general home decoration" is a process of improving the user experience. In the past, the operation effect and user experience of traditional home decoration were poor, the industry efficiency was low, and the development was slow. Until the development of the Internet, its operational effects and user experience have been improved, and the industry developed rapidly and presented a prosperous scene. Nowadays, consumers don't want a single item. They no longer focus only on which brand of tiles and which brand of toilet, but their final demand is the integral decoration, how to meet the needs of consumers and enhance the consumer experience and speed up the reaction is the key to development. Mr. Liu Xiaofeng share the trend of home decoration style and the visit to Milan. Mr. Liu also mentioned the importance of speed. REBON has applied the material to the extreme in product research and development, and has not let go of any detail. The updating iteration of t...

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  • Why quartz stone becomes the mainstream?
    Why quartz stone becomes the mainstream?

    2018-07-09 14:50:10


    Nowadays, quartz stone has become the mainstream for cabinet and furniture tops by virtue of its many advantages . So what are the advantages of quartz stone? 1、Healthy and environmental-friendly Non-toxic and no radiation, Bienstone’s quartz top is a product of conscience to protect your health. 2、 Stains free and easy to clean The surface of Bienstone quartz stone is compact and non porous. It is produced with nano technology to reach a lotus leaf effect. The permeability of kitchen commonly used liquids is zero, so its stains resistance performance is strong and easier to clean. 3、Strong anti-cracking Bienstone quartz stone is made through many special processing technologies, compressed by high pressure under high temperature, so that it has higher crack resistance performance. This performance is further improved after its thickness has been upgraded to 20mm. 4、Beautiful and leading the trend Developed under the guidance of experts of fashion color association, all product series are colorful, classical, bright in colors, smooth in texture. These enhance the color value for your kitchen. 5、Scratch Resistance The hardness of Gelandy quartz stone is no less than Mohs 6, higher than that of common iron, which brings up its superior performance of scratch resistance. 6、No fire-burn Bienstone quartz stone is mainly composed of high quality quartz sands and has a very high anti scorching ability. The butt and the scorched slag from the bottom of the pot can not damage the it. The top surface can remain bright and clean permanently. 7、Strong Anti-corrosion Bienstone quartz top is excellent in corrosion resistance to acid and alkal. Acid and alkali commonly used in life are not enough to damage its surface. 8、Strong resistance to aging Bienstone quartz stone contains high quality compounding agents and expensive anti aging (UV) additives, which has contributed to its anti-aging ability. Under normal temperature, the aging phenomenon of the material is not observed. 9、Strong anti discoloration The main pigments of Bienstone quartz stone are mineral pigments that have high anti discoloration ability. It is very difficult to observe the color change by the naked eyes unless you make the partial color contrast under the strong sunlight. Therefore, it is basically considered to be a non faded material.

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  • High level gray, black and brown with advanced texture-- countertop needs this style
    High level gray, black and brown with advanced texture-- countertop needs this style

    2018-06-15 09:50:33


    Advanced grey, advanced black and advanced brown, A simple and deep tone among bright colors. They are the darling of the fashion world. They are the preferred colors for designers to create high-end elegant homes. Regardless of the space in which the countertop is applied, They will render incomparable style, Unleash the eclectic charm. Gelandy Matt & leather Quartz Stone, boldly through a series of "advanced gray, advanced black, advanced brown", enhance the texture of the experience, and simple appearance highlights the light and extravagant connotation of the countertop. 1.Advanced Gray + Matt Quartz Stone The advanced gray vision tends to be more calm and natural. It emotionally gives people a stable power. The advanced gray on the matt quartz stone, Makes its texture more prominent, Exudes more extreme charm, Really fascinating. 2.Advanced black + Leather quartz stone Black can easily match all colors. This has become a long-standing law. Leather quartz stone with high grade black, Improve product texture by rendering each other. There is more layering between the bumps and a rough industrial style. Applying to the countertop, the sense of luxury desires to feel out! 3.Advanced Brown + Matt Quartz Stone Advanced Brown inherits the unique atmosphere of nature. It Gives a soft and friendly and warmer feeling. When advanced brown meets unexpectedly with matt quartz, Its low-key, restrained temperament, Show more vividly on the countertop. Natural but not unexpected, atmospheric and not high profile. Gelandy matt & leather quartz stone A steady colorless system, seamless texture, Gelandy advanced matt and leather finish quartz stone provides the most comfortable visual appearance, with a sensation of skin-like comfort. For details, please visit the official website.

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  • Low profile luxury,Gelandy make your countertop more textured
    Low profile luxury,Gelandy make your countertop more textured

    2018-06-14 16:04:29


    In modern time,,people’s demands for quality of life are constantly improving,except the increasing trend of quality consumption ,people’s consumption concept also requires products to satisfy the enjoyment of visual and tactile.And this kind of visual or tactile enjoyment can be called texture.So that in order to meet the needs of customers,Gelandy through leather finish and matt surface treatment process to bring diferent texture to the products,the overall space application is more tasty and have a distinctive flavour.   Matt finish quartz stone Matt finish quartz stone have the sensation of skin ,smooth and delicate. With its soft luster ,it is not abrupt in space ,slightly bright ,comfortable and pleasant.it also reduces the secondary pollution of space light sources and better protect the eyes.it is a good choice to be book desktop,conference desktop,tea tabletop and tabletop. Matt finish quartz stone provides a high quality ,textured appearance through its soft matt feel ,making the entire space more visible texture ,low-key connotation.with the soft light ,it can create a warm,comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Leather finish quartz stone Leather finish quartz stone feels mostly like a rough sand texture,and concave-convex granular surface ,like the traces left by the droplets of water dripping on the stone over years,seems to be wild but be delicate on the touch.It brings the texture of the industrial wind to the space and adds a sense of time to the space ,extending the visual experience of people. Provide different appearance and touch of leather finish quartz stone ,the excellent performance of the quartz stone has not been changed.and it is less likely to reveal post-touch fingerprints. More information about Matt and leather  finish quartz stone, please search key words

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