Modified Acrylic Solid Surface


Gelandy modified acrylic solid surface is blended with unsaturation poly , MMA, and aluminum hydroxide powder. 

Gelandy modified acrylic solid surface has excellentcost performance. It has excellent mechanical properties and weather resistance, stain resistance, water resistance, yellowing resistance and UV resistance.

Can be widely used for unique reception desk, medical table, decorative wall, column, commodity display desk, etc.

The difference between modified acrylic solid surface and pure acrylic solid surface

Modified Acrylic Solid Surface:

1. Composition: Modified acrylic solid surfaces are made by combining acrylic resins with other materials such as polyester resins, fillers, and additives. These additions are intended to enhance specific properties like durability, flexibility, or cost-effectiveness.

2. Properties: They may offer a broader range of properties compared to pure acrylic surfaces, such as improved impact resistance, better heat resistance, or reduced cost due to the use of less expensive additives.

3. Variety: Acrylic solid surface Manufacturers often use modified acrylics to create a wider range of colors, textures, and patterns. This versatility makes them suitable for various design applications.

4. Performance: While modified acrylics can provide excellent performance and durability, the exact characteristics can vary depending on the specific blend of materials used in their production.

In summary, while both modified acrylic and pure acrylic solid surfaces offer excellent performance and aesthetic options, the choice between them often comes down to specific project requirements, budget considerations, and desired performance characteristics such as durability and design flexibility. Any question welcome Contact Gelandy acrylic solid surface supplier.

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