Solid Surface Manufacturer Spotlight: Leaders in Craftsmanship


Solid surface materials have become a popular choice for many homeowners and businesses seeking durable, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing surfaces. With its ability to mimic natural stone, wood, and other materials, solid surface offers a wide range of design options for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and various commercial applications. In this spotlight, we will take a closer look at some of the leaders in the solid surface manufacturing industry, examining their craftsmanship, innovation, and commitment to quality.

Corian® by DuPont™: Setting the Standard for Resilience and Beauty

As one of the pioneers in the solid surface industry, Corian® by DuPont™ has set the standard for resilience and beauty. Developed in the 1960s, Corian® has continuously evolved to meet the changing needs and demands of consumers and designers. With its non-porous nature and seamless construction, Corian® allows for integrated sinks, backsplashes, and other custom design elements. The material’s versatility, durability, and wide array of color options make it a top choice for residential and commercial projects alike.

Staron®: Pushing the Boundaries of Design and Functionality

Renowned for its innovation and aesthetic appeal, Staron® has been pushing the boundaries of design and functionality since its introduction to the market. Manufactured by Lotte Chemical, this solid surface material is known for its unique thermoformability, allowing it to be shaped and molded into various forms and designs. With its ability to create seamless, splash-free designs, Staron® is highly sought after for its hygienic and easy-to-maintain properties, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from healthcare to hospitality.

HI-MACS®: Unrivaled in Durability and Sustainability

HI-MACS® is a solid surface material that prides itself on being both durable and sustainable. Manufactured by LG Hausys, this acrylic-based material is recognized for its impact resistance, scratch resistance, and seamless appearance. In addition to its exceptional performance, HI-MACS® is also committed to sustainability, using renewable and recycled materials in its production process. With a wide variety of colors and finishes, HI-MACS® offers endless design possibilities for both residential and commercial projects.

Wilsonart® Solid Surface: Blending Style with Functionality

Wilsonart® Solid Surface is a leading choice for those seeking a blend of style and functionality. Renowned for its seamless appearance and thermoformability, Wilsonart® Solid Surface offers endless design possibilities, from soft, flowing curves to crisp, clean lines. The material is also resistant to impact, heat, and chemicals, making it suitable for diverse applications, including kitchen and vanity countertops, reception desks, and wall cladding. With an array of colors and patterns to choose from, Wilsonart® Solid Surface provides a versatile solution for any design concept.

Avonite Surfaces®: Innovating with Recycled Content

Avonite Surfaces® is committed to innovation and sustainability, with a focus on incorporating recycled content into its solid surface materials. Through its “Studio Collection,” Avonite Surfaces® offers a range of visually striking designs that feature recycled content, adding an eco-friendly element to the material. The company’s dedication to sustainable practices, coupled with its diverse color options and customizable capabilities, has made Avonite Surfaces® a popular choice for environmentally conscious projects.

In conclusion, the leaders in the solid surface manufacturing industry continue to drive innovation and set new standards for design, durability, and sustainability. With their commitment to craftsmanship and quality, Corian® by DuPont™, Staron®, HI-MACS®, Wilsonart® Solid Surface, and Avonite Surfaces® have solidified their positions as top contenders in the market. As technology and design trends evolve, it will be exciting to see how these manufacturers continue to shape the future of solid surface materials and inspire the next wave of creative possibilities in interior design and architecture.


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