Look! That is the quartz top I just want!

May 14, 2018

What is more persuasive than the eyes?

Joy or sorrow, are all in the bright eyes!

Who really understands you doesn't need you say anything at all.

Only with one glance, he(she) can understand your thoughts!

Like"As long as you give me an affirmative glance, my love is meaningful."

"Though no words, it is hard to forget.""But they still feel each other's eyes."

At that moment the eyes met, the other was identified.

So do human beings, and so do things!

Perhaps after only a few glances, the feeling of belonging already overflows. Look! Gelandy quartz surface! It is rightly what I want.

quartz stone table top

Experience the beauty of "blank"home and taste the realm of "emptiness"

quartz surface

Refined new Chinese style of life

quartz countertops

Gelandy, China good top surface.

The quartz top what I want

The reason for selecting Gelandy quartz top is the wide selection of space for different decorative home styles. The quartz stone top is not only comfortable, but also has the characteristics of anti-scratch, anti-pollution and glossy finish. The most important thing is it is  very environmentally friendly material.

Good quality, green environmental protection

quartz countertops cheap

Nowadays people pay more attention to green and environmental problems for home products. Although the quartz top has a similar appearance to the marble top, it is greener than the marble table. This is one of the reasons why more and more families choose quartz stone counter tops as their first choice.

quartz surface

Gelandy quartz top, with selection of natural quartz crystal mineral, high quality environmental protection resin and pigment as raw material, and purify in the process of production, the raw material contains no heavy metal impurities that may lead to radiation, and can be directly contacted with food passing through American NSF safety certification. At the same time, it has experienced more than 30 processing technologies, which make the surface compact without holes and high glossy, smooth and silky touch, long lasting elegant.

Gelandy products has achieved many quality certificates all over the world. It is a high-quality, environmentally friendly and healthy counter top. It is widely used in kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, whole house customization, decoration and other fields.

Excellent properties of anti cracking, long effect anti-pollution

quartz stone table top

Generally speaking, quartz stone countertops have the advantages of high surface hardness, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance and good anti pollution ability. On the premise of guaranteeing the original advantages of the quartz stone top, Gelandy has adopted high quality performance modification and unique manufacturing technology to make quartz surface with higher impact resistance, smaller shrinkage stress, greater elongation at break and more outstanding cold and heat shock resistance, and all these properties can keep stable, thoroughly solving the kitchen top cracking problem caused by alternating cold and hot surfaces

faux stone table tops

With the use of nano materials and technology to fill the gap between the materials, dense and non porous, when the surface got liquid on it, it can get the lotus leaf effect and can resist the penetration of common liquid such as soy sauce, vinegar, juice, oil pollution and other. What is more, its high hardness and scratch resistance let the dirt and bacteria nowhere to hide, so as to achieve long effective anti pollution.

High-looking top modeling

quartz countertop

With the further improvement of aesthetic level, products with individuality, modern simplicity, energy saving and environmental protection are widely favored by consumers. So Gelandy has concentrated on the development of many natural, minimalist, easy matching marble texture patterns in order to contribute more to the beauty of the living space.

chinese quartz countertops

Derived from the natural stone texture, the color collocation requirements of Gelandy texture quartz stone can be described in harsh terms. For example,the main lines is well combined with vice lines; the color and texture transit delicately and distinctly. All these strive to make itself closest to the natural texture features, and also  more easily applied.

quartz countertop

Did you settle on these high quality and high looking Gelandy quartz tops? I did anyway!

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