Gelandy Solid Surface Unveils the Enchanting Starlight Design


Gelandy Solid Surface introduces a captivating addition to its collection — the Starlight Design. This innovative design takes the aesthetic experience to a new level by seamlessly integrating backlighting through intricately carved patterns on the back surface. The result is a mesmerizing display of twinkling starlight that activates with a touch, offering a magical and immersive ambiance.


Translucent Carvings:Gelandy solid surface is translucent.The Starlight Design boasts finely crafted translucent carvings on the back surface of the Gelandy solid surface. These delicate patterns allow light to pass through, creating a celestial effect reminiscent of a starlit sky.

Embedded Lighting:

Positioned strategically behind the solid surface, concealed LED lights serve as the hidden source of illumination. This innovative backlighting system brings the carved patterns to life, transforming the surface into a canvas of luminous art.

Interactive Touch Control:

The magic of the Starlight Design is at your fingertips. An intuitive touch-sensitive control system lets users activate and control the intensity of the starlight effect. A simple glide of the hand above the surface triggers the enchanting display, making it a truly interactive and engaging feature.

Astral Atmosphere:

The Starlight Design elevates any space into a dreamlike realm. Whether used in residential interiors, hospitality settings, or commercial spaces, this design creates an ethereal atmosphere that captivates and inspires.

Versatile Applications:

Gelandy's Starlight Design is versatile and adaptable, suitable for various applications such as countertops, wall panels, furniture, and more. Its flexibility allows designers and architects to incorporate this celestial touch into a wide range of projects.


Gelandy Solid Surface's Starlight Design represents a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology and artistic elegance. The marriage of translucent carvings and embedded lighting creates an enchanting experience that goes beyond aesthetics. With its interactive touch control and versatile applications, the Starlight Design sets a new standard for innovative and immersive design. Illuminate your space with the magic of stars and let Gelandy Solid Surface redefine your concept of ambiance.

translucent solid surface Gelandy translucent solid surface 

White light 

Gelandy translucent solid surface

Colorfull light

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