Gelandy Company to Spearhead Healthy Development in Solid Surface and Quartz Stone Industry with Global Strategy Launch

February 28, 2024
Gelandy Company to Spearhead Healthy Development in Solid Surface and Quartz Stone Industry with Global Strategy Launch

“Mr. Tian is an entrepreneur with a strong sense of mission for industrial development and a sense of social responsibility for corporate growth. For decades, he has been tirelessly working to enhance the technological capabilities of his company and explore new business models, always striving to contribute to the healthy development of the industry.

Mr. Tian and I have been good friends for many years, and we have also been very good partners for many, many years. Gelandy was once one of my most outstanding clients. We have collaborated on many exceptional projects together, among which the most prideful is the small contribution that our solid surface products has was used in China's first aircraft carrier by working hand in hand.

Fearless of the storms, we set sail into the distance. This is my wish for Gelandy and all my old friends in the artificial stone industry.”


In an affirming nod to the impactful contributions made by Gelandy Company within the solid surface and quartz stone sectors, the Secretary-General of the Unsaturated Resin Association has highlighted the company's pivotal role in advancing these industries. Gelandy, a name synonymous with innovation and quality in the construction materials market, is now poised to take a significant step forward.

Scheduled for March 14, Gelandy Company is gearing up to host its Global Strategy Launch, an event that promises to set new benchmarks for the solid surface and quartz stone industry in China. This strategic initiative is seen as a crucial move towards promoting the healthy and sustainable development of these sectors, aligning with broader environmental and economic goals.

The launch is expected to unveil a series of innovative practices, cutting-edge products, and collaborative opportunities that Gelandy has been developing. Industry insiders anticipate that this event will not only showcase Gelandy's commitment to excellence but also catalyze a wave of innovation across the entire industry, encouraging other companies to adopt more sustainable practices and technologies.

By setting such ambitious goals, Gelandy is demonstrating its dedication to not just leading in terms of market share, but also in driving positive industry-wide changes. The Global Strategy Launch is poised to mark a new chapter in the solid surface and quartz stone industry, with Gelandy leading the charge towards a more innovative, responsible, and sustainable future.

Industry stakeholders, partners, and customers are eagerly awaiting the unveiling of Gelandy's global strategy, as it is expected to lay down the roadmap for the next era of growth and development in the solid surface and quartz stone industry.

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