Habitat quality is receiving more attention, Gelandy can help you get better.

May 03, 2018

Recently, a fully-furnished residential innovation forum with the theme of “Looking into Life Style, Building a High-Quality Habitat “ was opened in Shanghai. This event was sponsored by China Building Decoration Association's Residential Products Industry Sub-committee, and it sparked much attention from all over the country, including well-known real estate companies, top domestic long-term rental apartment companies, residential product leaders, lifestyle living professional research institutions, and authoritative experts. Since it is centered on the topic of consumer quality and human settlements, the materials for creating quality human settlements are indispensable, and a functional product was introduced at the conference, which was the luminous stone-the glowing stone, and it attracted everyone's interest and attention.

Habitat quality is receiving more attention, Gelandy can help you get better

Luminous stone is a non-toxic, non-radioactive, low-carbon, energy-saving, environmentally friendly product. After 20-30 minutes of exposure to sunlight or indoor lighting, it will last glowing for 6-10 hours. Through research, as long as the light source is continuously absorbed, it can be always lighting and its service life can be more than 10 years. Luminous stone can be used in signage such as safe passage guides, floor guides, skirtings, waistlines, stairways, and handicrafts. It is functional and decorative, and it is in line with contemporary people's pursuit of low-carbon, energy-saving, environmental protection concepts while enhancing living pleasure and experience.

Luminous stone

Luminous stone

Luminous stone

Luminous stone

Luminous stone

Luminous stone

Product safety and environmental protection are the foundation

To improve the quality of the living environment, safety and environmental protection are fundamental. As a public enterprise (listed company), Gelandy has been taking integrity as its cornerstone for 18 years. Environmental friendly products are carefully selected as raw materials without falsification, and all products must be non-toxic and harmless,  and people are rest assured to use.

quartz stone countertop

Quality Habitat, both functional and aesthetic.

In addition to these interesting and useful Luminous stone, Gelandy Quartz, from the kitchen user's point of view, relieving consumers cleaning work, pioneering anti-fouling technology, and using nanotechnology, the surface liquid can form a lotus effect, anti-fouling and easy care, so save your energy.

At the same time, through the modification of materials, the resistance to cold and heat shock of the mesa is improved, so safe your mind.

prefab quartz countertops

Olanya LSK318  Kitchen countertops

quartz countertops cheap

Olanya LSK318  Kitchen quartz  countertops

Nowadays, the trend of quality consumption has intensified, and consumer demand has been characterized by personalization and quality. Gelandy always regards customer firstas its core values, and looks into the needs of consumers, and develops more quality residential environment products that meet the needs of consumers.

With the further improvement of the aesthetic level, the products that demonstrate individuality, modern simplicity, energy saving and environmental protection are widely favored by consumers. Therefore, Gelandi has devoted itself to the development of a variety of natural, minimalist and easy-to-fit texture stones, therefore it contributes one more beautiful feeling for the living space.

quartz stone

Deriving from the texture of natural stone, Gelandy’s color matching for vein quartz stone colors   is very strict and harsh. The texture is combined with the main grain pattern and secondary pattern. The color and texture are exquisite and distinct, and the texture is the closest to natural texture features, and easy to apply.

quartz countertops

GSG0016 Milan — Kitchen counter tops

table topsGSG009 Greece Lakeside Calacatta  — Tea table tops


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