Why quartz stone becomes the mainstream?

July 09, 2018

Nowadays, quartz stone has become the mainstream for cabinet and furniture tops by virtue of its many advantages . So what are the advantages of quartz stone?

1Healthy and environmental-friendly

Non-toxic and no radiation, Bienstone’s quartz top is a product of conscience to protect your health.

non-toxic and no radiation

2Stains free and easy to clean

The surface of Bienstone quartz stone is compact and non porous. It is produced with nano technology to reach a lotus leaf effect. The permeability of kitchen commonly used liquids is zero, so its stains resistance performance is strong and easier to clean.

stains free and easy to clean

3、Strong anti-cracking

Bienstone quartz stone is made through many special processing technologies, compressed by high pressure under high temperature, so that it has higher crack resistance performance. This performance is further improved after its thickness has been upgraded to 20mm.

4Beautiful and leading the trend

Developed under the guidance of experts of fashion color association, all product series are colorful, classical, bright in colors, smooth in texture. These enhance the color value for your kitchen.

5Scratch Resistance

The hardness of Gelandy quartz stone is no less than Mohs 6, higher than that of common iron, which brings up its superior performance of scratch resistance.

scratch resistance

6No fire-burn

Bienstone quartz stone is mainly composed of high quality quartz sands and has a very high anti scorching ability. The butt and the scorched slag from the bottom of the pot can not damage the it. The top surface can remain bright and clean permanently.

7Strong Anti-corrosion

Bienstone quartz top is excellent in corrosion resistance to acid and alkal. Acid and alkali commonly used in life are not enough to damage its surface.

8、Strong resistance to aging

Bienstone quartz stone contains high quality compounding agents and expensive anti aging (UV) additives, which has contributed to its anti-aging ability. Under normal temperature, the aging phenomenon of the material is not observed.

9Strong anti discoloration

The main pigments of Bienstone quartz stone are mineral pigments that have high anti discoloration ability. It is very difficult to observe the color change by the naked eyes unless you make the partial color contrast under the strong sunlight. Therefore, it is basically considered to be a non faded material.

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