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Antibacterial Solid Surfaces Introduction

Gelandy antibacterial solid surfaces used in hospitals serve a variety of purposes due to their durability, anti-bacterial,ease of maintenance, and hygienic properties. Here are some common applications of solid surfaces in hospitals:Countertops and Work Surfaces,Nurse Stations,Reception and Service Desks,Laboratory Benches,Bathroom Vanities,Wall Cladding.

Antibacterial Solid Surfaces Application

Countertops and Work Surfaces: 

Solid surfaces are often used for countertops and work surfaces in various areas of a hospital, including nurse stations, laboratories, and pharmacy counters. Their smooth, non-porous nature makes them easy to clean and disinfect, which is crucial for maintaining a sterile environment.

Nurse Stations: 

Solid surfaces are used for nurse station desks and workstations. They provide a durable and cleanable surface for nurses to work on and can withstand the wear and tear of a busy hospital environment.

Reception and Service Desks: Hospitals often use solid surfaces for reception desks and service counters. These areas need to be welcoming, yet easy to maintain and keep clean.

Laboratory Benches: 

In laboratory settings, solid surfaces are employed for laboratory benches and workstations. They are resistant to chemicals and can endure the demands of a lab environment while being easy to sanitize.

Triage Desks: 

Triage areas, where patients are initially assessed, may also utilize solid surfaces for desks or stations. Their durability and cleanliness help support the critical triage process.

Bathroom Vanities:

In patient rooms and public restrooms, solid surfaces are commonly used for bathroom vanities and sinks. They are not only easy to clean but can also be seamlessly integrated into the overall design of the hospital.

Wall Cladding: 

Solid surfaces can be used for wall cladding in areas that require a high degree of cleanliness, such as operating rooms and clean rooms. This prevents the growth of bacteria and makes it easier to maintain hygiene.

Solid surfaces in hospitals help create a clean, efficient, and sterile environment that is essential for patient care and the prevention of healthcare-associated infections.

Gelandy Antibacterial Solid Surfaces Features

GELANDY,an enterprise with 23 years of experience in countertops.since 2005, the development of the first generation of antibacterial countertops has kept on upgrading. On the basis of retaining the original properties of quartz stone and solid surface, the third generation antibacterial surface has been developed by quoting the world's most cutting-edge high-tech electromagnetic wave technology, which is applied to the field of decoration and home furnishing.

√  More than 99% of the antibacterial ratio, 

√  87% of the Formaldehyde removal ratio.

√   Aldehyde removal rate in 24 hours>50%.

Product Information

Gelandy antibacterial solid surfaces can be applied to kitchen and bathroom countertops in home. Kitchen and bathroom are the places where bacteria breed most seriously so it is ideal choice to use antibacterial countertops for cabinet countertops and bathroom vanity tops; As well as for the information table, nurse station, treatment cabinet, doctor's office hand washing table, operating room wall, ward toilet table, etc.; Island, table, etc. for hotels and restaurants; Used for countertops in shopping malls, airports, workshops and other public places.

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Company Advantages

Quality guarantee: Strict quality inspection system: source control, product process control, product full inspection, and final inspection to ensure product quality.

Our factory has passed the ISO 9001 international quality certification.

We have always followed the standardization rules for a rigorous production process, saving time and cost for both parties and bringing maximum benefits to you.

Focus on manufacturing solid surface & quartz stone slabs for 23 years.

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In the future, GELANDY will always take integrity as the root, quality as the foundation, innovation and development, constantly exceed customer expectations and meet market challenges.

They are all manufactured according to the strictest international standards. Our products have received favor from both domestic and foreign markets.
They are now widely exporting to 200 countries.

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