Enhancing Aesthetics and Functionality in Shopping Mall Facilities with Gelandy Solid Surface


In the ever-evolving landscape of shopping malls, the need for durable, aesthetically pleasing, and versatile surfaces is paramount. Gelandy Solid Surface emerges as a frontrunner in meeting these requirements, offering innovative solutions for various applications within shopping mall environments. This case study delves into the successful integration of Gelandy Solid Surface in a modern shopping mall, focusing on washbasins, children's washbasins, service desks, and other worktops.


The primary objective of incorporating Gelandy Solid Surface in the shopping mall was to elevate both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of essential spaces while ensuring long-lasting performance and easy maintenance.


Washbasins and countertops/vanity tops:
Gelandy Solid Surface was chosen for the washbasins and countertops,vanity tops due to its seamless and non-porous nature. The material allows for the creation of sleek, modern designs that complement the mall's overall ambiance. Its resistance to stains and chemicals ensures that the washbasins maintain their pristine appearance despite constant use.

Washbasins for Children:
Creating a child-friendly environment is crucial in shopping malls. Gelandy Solid Surface was selected for children's washbasins for its hygienic properties and ability to withstand the rigors of frequent use. The smooth surface facilitates easy cleaning, and the material's non-toxic nature ensures the safety of young visitors.Additionally, Gelandy solid surface, with its strong plasticity, is the preferred material for customizing exclusive shapes and specifications for children's washbasins.


Service Desk:
The service desk is a hub of activity in any shopping mall. Gelandy Solid Surface was employed for the service desk to provide a durable and visually appealing surface. Its resistance to scratches and impact ensures that the service desk maintains its professional appearance, even during peak hours. Additionally, the seamless integration of technology, such as point-of-sale systems, is facilitated by the material's versatility.

Other Worktops:
Various worktops throughout the mall, including information kiosks, food court counters, and administrative areas, were equipped with Gelandy Solid Surface. Its versatility allows for customization to suit the specific needs of each space. The material's resistance to heat, moisture, and microbial growth ensures that the worktops maintain a clean and functional environment.


Enhanced Aesthetics:

Gelandy Solid Surface contributed to a modern and sophisticated atmosphere within the shopping mall. Its seamless appearance and availability in a wide range of colors allowed for a cohesive design throughout different sections of the facility.

Durability and Longevity:

The solid surface material proved its resilience in high-traffic areas. It withstood daily wear and tear, maintaining its structural integrity and aesthetic appeal over time. This durability resulted in reduced maintenance costs and prolonged the lifespan of the installations.

Ease of Maintenance:

Gelandy Solid Surface's non-porous nature made cleaning a breeze. Regular maintenance tasks were simplified, contributing to a hygienic and well-maintained environment for shoppers and staff alike.

Positive Customer Experience:

The incorporation of Gelandy Solid Surface in essential areas positively impacted the overall customer experience. The aesthetic appeal, coupled with the functionality of the surfaces, contributed to a pleasant and efficient shopping environment.

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