Gelandy Innovative Application in LoyalLee Hospitals:  A Case Study on Solid Surface and Quartz Stone


In the healthcare sector, the choice of material is very important,especially when it comes to surfaces that need to withstand high traffic.Gelandy, a leading manufacturer of solid surface and quartz stone products in China, offers customized solutions that meet these challenges head-on. Gelandy solid surface and quartz stone have been employed in various hospital setting.

This case study explores the application of Gelandy solid surface and quartz countertops products in LoyalLee hospital, highlighting the complementary advantages of using both materials.


Solid Surface: Aesthetic Flexibility and Hygienic Solutions:
Gelandy  solid surface marble vein that mimic the natural texture of stone offer added benefits not found in natural materials.  For instance, solid surface materials can be bent and seamlessly joined, allowing for innovative architectural designs. In a hospital's reception area and feature walls, Gelandy's solid surface marble vein products have been utilized to create welcoming and visually appealing spaces.

Solid Surface: Aesthetic Flexibility and Hygienic Solutions:
The non-porous nature of solid surface materials makes them ideal for healthcare settings, as they do not harbor bacteria and can be easily cleaned and sanitized, ensuring a hygienic environment for patients and staff alike.


Quartz Stone: Durability Meets Functionality:
Quartz stone, known for its high surface hardness, offers superior resistance to staining, scratching, and wear. In the demanding environment of a hospital, where surfaces are subject to constant use and cleaning, Gelandy's quartz stone products prove invaluable. Specifically, they have been applied to various worktops throughout the facility, including pharmacy counters, cashier desks, and operation tables.

Quartz Stone: Durability Meets Functionality:
The resilience of quartz stone ensures that these surfaces maintain their integrity and appearance over time, despite the rigors of hospital use. Its easy-to-clean surface also contributes to the overall hygiene of the hospital, a critical factor in healthcare settings.

A Complementary Approach:

By integrating both solid surface and quartz stone materials in different areas of the hospital, Gelandy has achieved a balance between aesthetic appeal and practical utility. The ability to customize shapes and textures with solid surface materials allows for creative design solutions that enhance the hospital's atmosphere. Meanwhile, the robustness of quartz stone ensures that functional areas remain operational and hygienic, supporting the hospital's primary goal of providing care.

This case study exemplifies Gelandy's commitment to delivering high-quality, durable, and aesthetically pleasing materials for the healthcare industry. Through thoughtful application of solid surface and quartz stone, hospitals can achieve a design that is both beautiful and beneficial to the health and well-being of patients and healthcare providers.

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