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10 years quality warranty,So you no longer worry-free products for sale


Permanently installed Guangzhou Gelandy New Material Co.,Ltd (Gelandy) solid surface is warranted by Gelandy to the original owner. All material must be fabricated, installed, used and maintained in accordance with standard fabrication instructions.

Gelandy at its option will replace, without charge, such products, crack, distort, within 10 years. If failure is due to any manufacturing defect during the first ten years after the date of initial installation, except for damage caused by physical or chemical abuse, damage from excessive heat, or force majored. Warranty items of custom special products (special materials, special production process) agreed by both parties should prevail.

For coverage under this warranty Gelandy will need, through official channels, proof of the date of initial installation.

This warranty does not cover:

1 Minor conditions such as stains, scratches, water spots and burns that due to the unique properties of solid surface may be corrected by techniques specified in Care & Maintenance instructions.

2 Any products moved from their original place of installation.

3 Failure or dissatisfaction with appearance of joints, seams, adhesive or other accessory items.

Gelandy’s obligation hereunder is limited solely to the replacement of the products purchased hereunder. No implied or expressed warranty merchantability or fitness for a particular use of any other warranty except those specially stated in this warranty or required by law is granted. Except for the remedies described in this warranty, Gelandy has no liability for any loss or any damages including direct, consequential or incidental damages, arising out of the use or inability to use the solid surface products.

Care and Maintenance:

No solid surface material is indestructible. However, Bienstones slab withstands normal wear and tear better than the rest. Here are a few guidelines that will ensure Bienstone slabs will provide satisfaction for many years to come.

1 Never stand or place heavy objects or machinery on slabs

2 Use felt protectors under pottery or other hard standing objects, Refrain from sliding hard or heavy objects