HomeOver 18 years manufacturer experience and exporting experience,The industry's earliest listed companies

Over 18 years manufacturer experience and exporting experience,The industry's earliest listed companies

Established in 2000, Gelandi is a Joint-Venture Corportaion and now listed Ltd., Co.,. Over 16 years, our visionary management team has built up and enviable reputation for creating truly satisfying and stylish home, modern office and commercial environments at extremely cost-effective rateds. Employing some 400 skilled workers, our 65620 sq. m. state-of –the-art production center in Guangzhou, China, can now produce around 500,000 solid sruface and quartz sheets, sinks&basins. And decorative panels annually.

When you entrust us to meet your surfacting needs, you can be sure of top quality, ethically and environmentallly responsible products and services at all times and in all areas, And that’s a promise our  deliver for demanding customers in 40 major markets across Northe and Southe Ameica, Europe and South East Asia.

You can sure of top quality

Better Living

Begins With Better Craftsmanship

Gelandi is the only authorized manufacturer and supplier of Bien®”

A uniquely robust compound of natural minerals, resins, pigments and additives, Bien®” is renowened for its cost-effectiveness, stab le quality and high level of versatility.

Astonishingly easy to cut, route, edge, accent and inlay, this luxuriously tactile, hardwearing finish is as at home in heavy –duty commercial application such as it is on kitchedn countertops. Available in a choice of almost thousands of trendyt colors, there really is no easier or more eloquet, functional or affordable way to bring your design ideas to glorious life than Bien®”.

Seamless and non-porous, Bien®” surfacing products are not only incredibly easy on the eye, but also offer en-users the following core advantages:

1 High-level protection against bacteria, germs and mildew

2 100% non-toxie and radiation –free

3 Strong resistance against stains and chemicals

4 Flame retardant and high level of impact resistance

5 Easy to clear and care for

6 Simple to maintain and replace

7 Warm t th etouch

8 Aolmos limitless choice of colors, visual textures and creative possiblities.